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Learn Arabic with a simple and complete program.


The program is designed so that in completing the program, the student can understand the  Qur 'an, the Sunnah, scholars, and their books.

Fusha Online also offers Arabic and Quran courses for children.

Qur 'anic online courses include (Al-Qaeda Al-Nouraniyyah- is the practical recitation of the Holy Quran and the spelling of the Arabic language,  it spreads in most Islamic countries ) , memorization, revision, Tajweed, and recitation).

All teachers are Egyptian and speak classical Arabic .They speak Egyptian accent and Arabic.

All teachers are qualified, competent, and trained to teach non-Arabic speakers.

Men's classes  (provided by teachers through Dar Al-Fosha Center).

The freedom to learn Arabic and the Qur 'an wherever you are.

Study wherever you are without  restrictions,  and from any device compatible with our online learning platform

Courses of the Holy Quran with Tajweed Online

Learn the Holy Qur 'an online with Tajweed, memorize the Qur 'an and correct your reading of the Qur 'an with teachers who are on leave.

On this page you will find: “Program, Objectives and Prices”

The Qur 'anic courses offered by FOSHAONLINE include the(Al-Qaeda Al-Nouraniyyah), Qur 'anic Memorization, Revision, Tajweed, and  getting ijazah( it is a certificate given by the tutor, to the person has completed  memorizing and reciting the Quran

- Do you want to learn reading the Qur 'an with Tajweed?

- Do you want to know how the Qur 'an course conducted?

To know how to conduct courses:

- From the first part of the lecture, you can read in intonation.

- There's a part of the lecture for revision.

- The last part of lecture is designated for your assignment which you are going to study in heart at home after reciting in class by a teacher.

The student will learn as much as he can of the Holy Quran, at least one page per session, in addition to a two-page exam during the session.

- Does the teacher have obtained ijaza?

Affirmative,  all teachers have obtained ijaza

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